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I think the cowboy represent a series of quality of being a man in American culture, the brand use this symbol to communicate what their symbol’s mean, at the same time, the cowboy culture also being admired in that time , so this brand , become to one of people’s claim about what quality they have. And a interesting part for me is , don’t afraid to death is part of cowboy culture, it’s seems mean this brand don’t care how cigarettes harm people.


Sang Lee


This series of video really show the capacity of new media, this is not only give a time dimension to the graphic material, but also give people opportunity to disturb time and graphic in a desire moment.  It’s like a butterfly effect, we have ability to control a dimension by use new media , that help us to change every single part of graphic world.




The reaction of Korean people about the new package design which use the harmful effects on the cover is very interesting for me.  From the designer and the government, we can understand what they want communicate by this series of picture, those picture have very powerful connotative meaning – the potential harm of the cigarette. We think this may effect the decision of consumer because as a basic linear thinking: Because the behavior you buy cigarette, you should know the possible harm for your health, and if you don’t control smoke, the picture may be happens on yourself.

But some of the fact tell us , not everyone care. A part of consumer(viewer) did not accept the potential meaning that designer and government want to give them. This may remind us , as a designer, if we want to not only provide a reasonable information, but also to lead public thinking to a new direction, their is lot of things we need to consider. Like this cigarette package design, remind me to design not just like a designer, sometimes to design like a normal people in the life.




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